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A similar, or better replacement vehicle to your own. Full Vehicle Recovery & Repair. No excess, or any other costs and we handle all the paperwork.
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Free Courtesy Car

Free Replacement Vehicle

We can offer you a short term courtesy car while your car is with us for repair.  This service is subject to availability and terms.
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Vehicle Accident Repairs and Repaint Services in Birmingham, West Midlands


Sprint Auto Repair Ltd provides the following services to the trade.

Sales Protection

Many a sale is lost through  contract completion delays  because the customer requests remedial work to minor paint and body blemishes prior to them paying and taking delivery.
Sprint Autos will turn around a vehicle to show room condition with: bumper scuff s and cracks, panel scrapes and scratches, minor dents, stone chip, rust spots, broken mirrors, scuffed alloy wheels all within 48 hours. We will even collect and deliver the vehicle to the dealership.

Lease Turnback - Good will and follow-on sales are assured

often, customer good will and follow-on sales are jeopardised when the leasing company presents your customer with a bill to repair the body and paintwork of the returned vehicle.   Many leasing companies regard this remedial work as a legitimate revenue and profit stream. Sprint Autos offer a service where the  vehicle to be returned  is inspected and brought up to an acceptable standard at a fraction of the leasing company's cost therefore restoring customer good will and assuring the sale.

Delivery & Transportation Damage

However careful the logistics of transporting a new vehicle to the showroom occasionally, damaged to the paintwork or trim will occur. The last thing your customer wants to hear is their brand new car cannot be delivered on time because it was damaged in transit. Sprint Autos offers an emergency paint and body repair service where the vehicle can be collected, repaired and returned in 36 hours allowing time for the dealership to complete PDI in time to meet the customer s collection date.



All Electric Garages holds franchises in locations throughout Greater Birmingham and currently has 230 employees working for the Company, a great many of whom have long service with them, and they are totally dedicated and committed to the long-term success of the Company. All Electric Garages uses Sprint Autos when speed and quality are parramount to protect slaes and ensure customer delight.


Bristol Street Motors ensures that you find the right car and pay the right price thanks to their huge range of new and used cars for sales. They pride ourselves on providing an excellent service and offer quality advice to ensure a smooth and trustworthy relationship with our customers. They use Sprint Autos because we are responsive to their needs, guarantee a rapid turn around and deliver consistent levels of quality.